Frequently Asked Questions


Do you buy taxes?

Answer:  No!  I encourage people not to sell their taxes.  In the past it took anywhere from one to two months to receive your return.  Today with the wonderful world of electronics and bank deposits, you can have your refund in as little as two weeks.  Why pay for your  own money? 

Do you take Interac, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or personal cheques?

Yes I do provide services for Interac, Visa and MasterCard.  Personal cheques are welcome but they must clear the bank before your taxes are processed.

How long does it take you to do my taxes?

If you come to my office with all of your receipts it could take anywhere from less than an hour to an hour depending on the amount of information to file.  Once your taxes are file E-File, you will receive a copy of your tax return for your records and a confirmation that Revenue Canada has received your return.  Please call to make an appointment.

If you are sending your tax information by mail, it is prepared immediately and will be sent to Revenue Canada upon clearance of payment.  All information is mailed back to you for your records, along with a T183 you need to sign, (see explanation for the T183 below) this will confirm that Revenue Canada has received your return.

Do you do taxes for people living out of town?

Yes!  If you send me all of your information along with a payment  I will prepare your tax return and E-file it with Revenue Canada and send you a copy with all of your receipts.  

Do you do taxes for other provinces or foreign taxes?

No!  presently I only do taxes for Ontario residents however I am looking into other provinces and out of country.

What is a T183?

A T183 is a Information Return for electronic filing of an individual's income tax and benefit return.  This paper has all the information that Revenue Canada needs to prove that you allowed a tax preparation service to electronically file your tax return. 

Once your return is completed, this will be sent to you with a Stamped Self Addressed envelope that you need to sign and send back to me as I will be required to send it to Revenue Canada upon request.  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

If you have any questions I have not answered here, please drop me an email and I will answer them for you.